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SRG Radiology is pleased to offer electronic referrals though HealthLink CareSelect.

Some of the advantages of using HealthLink eReferrals to refer to SRG:

  • SRG takes responsibility for contacting the patient and booking their appointment. You can be comfortable your patients will be contacted quickly to arrange their appointment.
  • Save time and money, reduce printing costs, remove the hassle of lost referral forms.
  • Reduce the likelihood of missing information.
  • Works from any HealthLink integrated EMR (MedTech, Best Practice, etc) or from a web browser.
  • Create task reminders in MedTech.
  • No additional set up required if you are already a HealthLink customer.
  • There is NO COST to you for referring electronically to SRG.

To find out more, you can contact HealthLink on 0800 288 887, They’ll tell you the easiest way to refer to us.

We are also happy to visit your practice to demonstrate the system and to inform you about SRG’s comprehensive services and convenient locations. If you would like us to visit your practice, please call 0800 774 9729 ext 6 or email

Quick Start Guides

Please find below a number of quick start guides to assist you in setting up and using the HealthLink CareSelect eReferral system: